General Information

Objective of the Symposium & Exhibition

“Earthing Africa” is an initiative of and symposium organized by TERRATECH, South Africa ( The symposium has a specific interest and focus in bringing industry and academia from Africa and abroad together with the objective, not only to raise awareness of earthing aspects, but also to improve electrical system reliability through correct application of earthing philosophy and techniques. Further, to create a platform that channels research and engineering-based solutions to industry in Africa and abroad.

Theme of the Symposium

The theme of Earthing Africa 2017 is: “System enhancement through correct earthing technology”.

International Guest Speaker

We look forward to the participation of Dr William A (Bill) Chisholm, a world-renowned expert in effects of adverse weather on overhead power lines, in our symposium. Dr Chisholm has more than 30 years of experience in lightning protection aspects of which the greater part was spent in R&D at Kinectrics, the former Ontario Hydro Research Division. Dr Chisholm will also contribute through his participation in the Practical Session, demonstrating some advancements in high frequency and transient grounding test instruments since publication of CIGRE Technical Brochure 275.

Topics of Interest

Topics of interest include but are not limited to the following subjects of earthing (grounding), electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and lightning protection:

• Earthing for lightning protection;
• Earthing for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC);
• Earthing system modelling;
• Earthing in soil for high frequency (HF);
• Earthing in soil for low frequency (LF) and DC;
• Earthing for safety;
• Earthing in high voltage (HV) applications;
• Earthing and corrosion;
• Earthing of transmission lines;
• Earth electrode design for substations;
• Earthing and EMC for nuclear power plants;
• Earthing of industrial installations;
• Earthing of pipelines against AC interference;
• Earthing design for renewable power generation stations – PV plant and wind farms.
• Earthing in the petrochemical industry – particularly hazardous environments;
• Earthing in coal mines and deep gold mining environments;
• Earthing case studies.

Symposium Overview

The planned activities and session for the Earthing Africa Symposium (EASY) include the following:

Technical Paper Sessions: During these sessions, peer reviewed technical papers covering the topic of interest will be presented.

Practical Session: The use of instrumentation to measure soil resistivity and electrode resistance will be covered during a practical session. Actual data will be captured through measurement. Data will be interpreted and analysed through the use of typical software used in industry. The data will be used in further discussion in a planned tutorial.

“Tech Market” Session: This marketing session will allow a number of short presentations by suppliers to industry to demonstrate what their equipment, software and products, in the context of the symposium topics, can do for the client in order to help solve earthing, EMC and Lightning Protection problems and challenges.

Technical Discussion Session: Participate in discussing and answering a selected number of predetermined questions on the topic of Earthing.

Tutorial Sessions: Here, selected topics in the context of the symposium will be treated and will be covered as tutorials. An example would be “Earthing and Lightning Protection of Overhead Power Lines”.

Call for Papers

Start thinking about your abstract/s that you wish to submit for the symposium. The call for papers open on 16 Jan 2017. The closing date for Abstract submission is 22 Feb 2017. Prospective authors can submit their papers making use of details published on the website:; Authors will be notified about the acceptance of Abstracts on 28 Feb 2017 following which the Call for Full Paper submission will sound. The closing date for Full Paper submission is 5 Apr 2017. Notification of paper acceptance will be on 28 Apr 2017. Details and templates pertaining to abstract submission and full paper submission are available on the website.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Opportunities exist for different categories (Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze) of sponsors for particular components related to the symposium. Details pertaining to Sponsorship Opportunities are available on the website. The benefits to sponsors will include brand exposure at the symposium.

Exhibition Opportunities

Participants will have the opportunity to exhibit products and services at the symposium. Details related to Exhibition Opportunities are available on the website.

Marketing Opportunities (“Tech Market” Session)

This session will allow a number of short presentations by suppliers to industry to demonstrate what their equipment, software and products, in the context of the symposium topics, can do for the client in order to help solve earthing, EMC and Lightning Protection problems and challenges. More details are available on the website.

Who Should Attend

The symposium is open to interested parties in earthing (grounding), electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and lightning protection and may include academics, consultants, engineers, field technicians, technical managers, contractors, utility personnel, procurement officers, personnel draughting equipment specification and suppliers, to name a few. Those that can benefit from the sessions and those who can contribute to the sessions are welcome to attend.

Why Should You Attend

This symposium presents the following benefits to you:

• Get to know what you always wanted to know about earthing;
• Present your research or case study;
• Collect your CPD (Continuous Professional Development) points;
• Raise your skill level and knowledge base;
• Engage with international and local experts – a not to be missed opportunity;
• Learn about earthing and associated industry norms;
• Opportunities to expose your work, services or products. If you don’t – others will.
• Contribute to this exciting field of study.
• Considering the Rand / Dollar exchange rate, it is much more cost effective to attend conferences locally.
• Gain certainty in the earthing techniques you employ in your business.

Important Dates

The following important dates are listed – please make a note of these:

12 Dec 2016 - First announcement and Call for Papers;
16 Jan 2017 - Second announcement and Call for Papers;
23 Jan 2017 - Call for Registration;
28 Feb 2017 - Notification of Abstract acceptance and Call for Full Paper submission;
5 Apr 2017 - Closing date for Full Paper submission;
28 Apr 2017 - Full Paper acceptance notification;
3 May 2017 - Announcement of provisional programme;
25 May 2017 - Closing date for Exhibition and “Tech Marketing” Session Registration;
30 May 2017 - Announcement of Final Programme;
5 – 9 Jun 2017 - Earthing Africa 2017 Symposium and Exhibition;

Basic Symposium Information

Title : Earthing Africa 2017 Symposium and Exhibition
Location : Johannesburg, South Africa
Venue : Thaba Eco Hotel (
Date : 5 - 9 June 2017
Official Language : English
Official Website :

Best Paper

There will be an award for the best student paper / paper from industry. These papers will be submitted to the SAIEE Africa Research Journal for consideration and possible publication.

Symposium Secretariat

Kindly direct all enquiries to the Symposium Secretariat:

Attention : Ms Anelja de Bok (Active Capture)
e-mail :
Mobile : +27 82 902 4606


There will be a registration fee for all delegates to the symposium. The Registration process will open on 23 Jan 2017 and registration can be done via the website.


Special rates have been negotiated for delegates. Details pertaining to Accommodation will be available from 12 Jan 2017 on the website.

Patrons of the Symposium

The following patrons of the Earthing Africa 2017 Symposium & Exhibition are acknowledged and thanked for their support.

Looking Forward to Seeing You

Align your thoughts for the symposium. Jot down the important dates. Keep an eye on the website. Engage. We look forward to your contribution and to seeing you at the symposium.